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Certificate of Completion with our Resume Workshop Series!

Our 1-hit wonder for entry-level students!

Also anyone† with very limited job experience will qualify.

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Text Box: Our Awesome Resume Service
Your resume, is quite possibly the best investment youíll ever make.  You spend 4 years on a Bachelorís Degree, 2-3 years on a specialty trade or certification, and another 3-5 years on a Masterís and/or Professional Degree.  Itís most important that your resume reflect these accolades, thus becoming the showcase of all your accomplishments!  Weíve been at this for over 25 years, and have done thousands of resumes that get results!  Let us show you what we can do!  Once all the information has been gathered, within 3-5 days, youíll be ready for the next promotion, able to launch that new career!

How it works:
Order your resume (PayPal)
Send us your previous resume or employment information and job applying for
Will create draft 3-5 days for your approval
Resume is in the mail!
Resume Package!

1-hit wonder!

 Entry-level/Student 1-page basic resume

 Complimentary resume folder & envelope

 Saved to a CD-ROM (in .txt & .pdf formats)

 Includes 5 copies of resume (choice of styles and colors)

 FREE Consultation & phone support!

 FREE Update! (One free update within first year)

 FREE Storage for life!

 Certificate of Completion...if you participate in our Resume Workshop!


The Awesome Basic Package!

Never ordinary!